Up and Over Garage Doors Hindhead Surrey

When security and safety are paramount, an up and over garage door is ideal. They’re made from a wide variety of materials and come in lots of different styles so you can find the one perfectly suited to your home.

They’re also considered low maintenance and are generally very tough and long lasting doors. They come in a couple of varieties; retractable and canopy gear.
Retractable gear garage doors have overhead rails inside the actual garage. These rails act as paths for the garage door the move along. These paths are combined with springs or cables for ease of use. They are relatively easy to install and are ideally suited to automation.

Canopy gear garage doors have tracks located in the frame with springs or cables to assist movement. They are relatively easy to install but they are not very suited to automation.

Up and Over Garage Door Features

The video below shows an example of a Up and Over Garage door from one of our manufacturers.