Up and over garage doors come in a variety of styles and materials. They are very secure and safe, we’ve fitted hundreds of up and over garage doors in Fleet, Hampshire.

There are a lot of reasons to choose up and over garage doors, one of the main ones is how low maintenance they are. They last a long time and require very little attention.

They mainly come in two types, retractable gear or canopy gear.

Canopy gear – The operate along tracks in the frame surrounding the door. They will often have cables or springs to assist movement. Whilst they are easy to install they are not very suited for automation if you are considering upgrading in the future. They can be supplied with frames or without frames depending on your existing garage set up.

Doors with retractable gears follow horizontal tracks that lead into the back. They will have springs or cables to ensure the movement is fluid. Relatively easy to install and highly suited to automation they make for a fantastic garage door. They can be supplied with or without frames.

Up and Over Garage Door Features

The video below shows an example of a Up and Over Garage door from one of our manufacturers.