Up and Over Garage Doors

Camber Canopy Door

“Up & Over” doors is the broader term given to both Canopy and Retractable doors. Up & Over doors are manufactured to function as either Canopy or Retractable doors.

Up and Over garage doors have integral vertical side runners along which the door travels, with no horizontal tracks protruding into the garage space.

Lifting movement is provided by a spring located along the top of the door which pulls on a spindle on both sides of the door via a drum pulley and cable arrangement. These doors are not usually preferred for automation.

Up and Over Garage Door Features

The video below shows an example of a Up and Over Garage door from one of our manufacturers.

Special Clearance

Door Clearance

More space is required on the outside for a retractable door, yet it manages to neatly tuck into the inside of your garage.

A canopy door requires less space for opening, but one-third of the door protrudes from the garage while open.

Garage Door Composition

Our Up & Over garage door selection comes in three different types of materials. View some of our more popular garage doors in each range by clicking the link below.

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