Steel garage doors offer a great combination of excellent construction and good value for money. These doors are available in a wide range of styles for the modern or traditional home. Whatever house you own, there’s a style to suit it. Steel doors are very reliable and provide years of hard wearing service, whilst the plastisol coated option is vitually maintenance free.

Timber garage doors provide a great combination of warmth/insulation and the beauty of real wood. They rely on traditional craftsmanship and natural materials. Timber doors are able to give your garage that little bit more character. Each style of door usually comes in different stains to suit your colour requirements. These doors require regular care and attention to retain their aesthetic looks.

G.R.P. or Glass-Reinforced Polyester doors offer the user a virtually maintenance-free garage door. G.R.P. garage doors need only the occasional wipe down to retain their quality finish. These doors offer a good investment for the future due to their inherent strength and low maintenance requirements.

A.B.S. is a tough yet flexible material commonly used to make car bumpers, so when its knocked the garage door panel flexes and bounces back to its original shape making it ideal for family homes. The finish of the garage door is low maintenance and matches PVCu windows and doors. It is also corrosion resistant so is perfect for coastal areas.

Aluminium roller doors are comprised of horizontal lathes and are available in insulated and non-insulated styles. They are ideal for homes with limitations inside or outside the garage which prohibit the use of other door types. They are very durable and hardwearing with very little maintenance required.

All door materials are suitable for automation.